Scientific and technological innovation is the core competitiveness of an enterprise and the source impetus for continuous development. The company insists on the science and technology development philosophy of “taking people as the basis, technology and innovation as the core”, uses science and technologies to lead enterprise development, improve technology level, speed up science and technology innovation and enhance the enterprise competitiveness.

Scientific and technological innovation
 Science and technology cooperation   
Now the company has established favorable long term cooperation with many universities and research institutes such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Central South University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhengzhou University, Northeast University and Zhengzhou Light Metal Research Institute, and gradually formulated a development pattern of industry, university, research and application cooperation in which the enterprise is leading the technology innovation through a certain project.

In 2003, the Technology Center of Henan Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd was identified as provincial enterprise technology center approved by Henan Province Economic Commission, established a platform for science and technology innovation and gradually developed a science and technology innovation system with technology center as the main body and cooperation of industry, university and research.

In June 2014, the company established Enterprise Technology Center jointly with Central South University.

In September 2006, central laboratory of the Technology Center was successfully accepted as national level laboratory.

In June 2007, the company was authorized to establish Henan Aluminum Smelting Engineering Technology Research Center

In 2008, the company established 400KA electrolytic cell with super capacity and high efficiency jointly with Northeast University.

In December 2013, the company established United Research Center for Advanced Aluminum Alloy Materials with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

In September 2013, the company jointly established Collaborative Innovation Center for Henan Resources and Materials Industry with Zhengzhou University, Dalian Polytechnic University and China Mining University, realized effective cooperation between the universities and the enterprise in strategic level, improved the technology innovative ability for energy saving and emission reduction in electrolytic field, tackled the technological difficulties restricting the development of resource industries in Henan, and formed a independent innovation cooperation platform fit for continuous and effective development of Henan resource industries.

In December 2014, the technology center of the company was recognized as National Enterprise Technology Center by the five ministries of the country.

Through many years development, the company has gained a number of technology innovation achievements in research development and production practice of aluminum electrolysis, processing and smelting equipment and accomplished 15 key technology innovation projects of Henan province and China, with 1 Second Prize of National Technological Process, 1 First Prize of National Nonferrous Metal Industry Science and Technology Progress, 4 First and Second Prize of Provincial Technological Progress;

 Independent Innovation Achievements

1. “Energy Saving Technology Development for 300 KA Al-electrolytic Cell”, the special program for national key industrial technology research and development reached top level in the world with great economic benefits and effects for energy saving and emission reduction and resulted with two first prize of National Nonferrous Metal Industry Science and Technology Award and 24 patents. Now the program has been put into use with accumulated saving energy of 7,745,000,000 kwh in recent three years which equal to saving standard coal of 2,478,400 tons and increase primary aluminum output of 529,800 tons and economic benefit of 5,927,000,000 RMB.

2. The program to develop the technology and equipment for continuous and stable operation of large al-electrolytic cell, awarded with second prize of National Technology Invention Award, successfully tackled the problem of stable and effective operation of al-cell with the overall technology reaching first level in the world. The technology has been widely used in China and abroad with substantial energy saving effects.

3. On 22nd of June 2006, the company successfully overcame the worldwide challenge of stop and start up the al-cell with full current, passed through the appraisal organized by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Henan Province Science and Technology Department, Development and Reform Commission. The project was listed into top ten new of China nonferrous metals industry in 2006 and China significant technology and engineering progress. 20,000,000 kwh of power can be saved for the company and overall economic benefit can reach above 30,000,000 RMB every year. In 2007, the technology was used in 18 largest aluminum plants and imported to Kazakhstan. After application in the whole country, it can realize power reduction of 850,000,000 kwh, oil consumption of 30,000 tons, primary aluminum increase of 120,000 tons and profit increase of more than 1 billion every year. In 2007, the project was honored with first prize of Zhengzhou Technology Progress, second prize of Henan Technology Progress and first prize of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Technology. In 2008, the technology was listed into the National Key Technology Application for Energy Saving

4. In 2012, the National science and technology support project in the Eleventh Five Year program, New technologies of low temperature and low voltage aluminum electrolysis undertaken by the company passed national appraisal in 2012, which formed a complete set of al-electrolysis new technologies with low temperature and low voltage, reduced the DC power consumption per ton aluminum electrolysis from 13,235 kwh in 2008 to 11,819 kwh, and symbolized that energy saving ability of aluminum electrolysis in China reached world class and will bring in great economic and social benefits.

5. High-temperature superconducting cable demonstrating project in “863” program passed appraisal by National Technology Ministry in 2013. The project successfully developed the longest superconducting cable with maximum transmission current in the world and greatly promoted the development superconducting cable technology at home and abroad.

6. Technology innovation and industrialization project for new type of cathode al-cell in “863” program passed appraisal by National Technology Ministry. After it is applied in the whole country, 18,896,000,000 kwh of power and 9,400,000,000 RMB can be saved and more than 50% emission can be reduced every year.

7. In 2014, the program for technology development and innovation for low temperature and low voltage al-electrolysis was honored with second prize of Henan Technology Progress.

8. In December 2014, the technology center of the company was recognized as “National Enterprise Technology Center” by the five ministries of the country.  

Advanced process and equipment
 Advanced process
There are three production lines in casting house, two“1+1” with 120 tons capacity, one “2+1” with 90 tons capacity. The melting and holding furnaces are hydraulic tilting gas furnaces designed by Otto Junker and manufactured by Suzhou Long Ray. All the casting machines have adopted newest semi continuous low level pit casting technologies of Wagstaff with stable operation, high accuracy of control and safety assurance. Graphite liners are used on the moulds of Wagstaff casting machine, hence ingots with better surface quality can be produced compared with the traditional aluminum moulds. Capacitive sensors are used for metal level control, which have no influence of the smog generated during casting and the control is more accurate and safe. The production lines are equipped with ABB electromagnetic stirring device, on line hydrogen measuring and on line dross measuring system. Melt on line treatment systems include Novelis degassing system, deep bed filter system, Mitsui plate filter and tube filter system. Efficiency of degassing can reach 0.12ml/100g-AL, and filtering efficiency can reach above 98% (Impurities smaller than 10μm).
In addition, one sawing machine from Sermas France and two scalping machines from SNK Japan are part of the production line. Thus mainstream products can be covered with min. specification of 520mm×1000mm×9150mm, max. 640mm×2410mm×9150mm, max. weight of 37.5 tons.

The “1+4” 2600mm hot rolling mill supplied by Siemens and SMS Germany with roll grinders supplied by Herkules Germany is the most advanced large hot tandem rolling line in China with the state-of-art aluminum strip processing equipment integrated with mechanical, hydraulic, electric drive, automatic control, automatic detection and process module technologies. The processing procedures include: heating or soaking, rough rolling, T1 shear, T2 shear, finish rolling, coiling, to high bay storage. Productivity for can body stock is higher than 60kt/a with maximum strip width of 2400mm and minimum thickness of 1.8mm. The mill is equipped with hydraulic adjusting system, CVC plus, work roll bending and multi-zone cooling system and temperature control system, which ensures the exit strip temperature within the requirement range. There is light shear, heavy shear, trimming shear, coiler, scrap handling system and fume exhaust system in the line. F4 is equipped with CVC shifting which can continuously adjust the roll gap and highly adapt to specified rolling parameters, thus coils with good flatness and surface quality can be produced. Seven homogenization furnaces designed by Ottojunker and manufactured by Suzhou long Ray have capacity of 25 ingots for each furnace with maximum weight of 34 tons and maximum thickness of 620mm for each ingot.

Cold rolling line consists of one 25mm single stand cold rolling mill, one 2500mm two-stand cold rolling mill and one 2300mm single stand cold rolling mill supplied by SMS and ABB with max. strip width of 2400mm, min. width of 900mm and max. speed of 1800m/min. The line is equipped with advanced CVC automatic control system with high control accuracy with thickness controlled within ±3μm, on line flatness 5I and off line flatness 10I. Annealing furnaces use nitrogen protection with better surface quality after annealing. A complete set of finishing equipment with high speed trimmer, tension leveler and color coater can meet the requirement for high end can body stock. The 2500mm single stand cold rolling mill is the current widest mill for aluminum rolling in China. Up to date developed cooling technology by SMS is used for interstand cooling which can effectively improve cooling efficiency and realize high speed rolling. The high bay storage supplied by Vollert Germany is the first storage system concurrently connected with hot rolling, cold rolling and finishing lines which can realize fully automatic control and is the center of the whole coil production procedures.

 Production equipment   
The wire rod production line is a continuous casting and rolling line from Continuus-Properzi Italy, equipped with 40 tons melting furnace, on line degassing and filter device. The products with good roundness, surface finish and even dimension are widely used for cables and wires. Electric conductivity and mechanical properties of the products meet the related IEC and ASTM standard.

 High End Product
1、Hot Rolled Coil

2、 Cold Rolled Coil


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